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        Hosted by Chongqing Hongyan Alliance Culture Development Management Center, Hongyan website (hereinafter referred to as “this site” ), is not only a public welfare website, but also an open and a permanent base for juvenile patriotism education.

        1. Understanding and support of the whole society are needed, therefore we are very thankful if you, authors and copyright owners who take the realization of China’s rejuvenation as your mission, authorize us to use your works freely.
        Reporting and publicizing the activities of this site by mediums with strong sense of social responsibilities are expected.
        Links from all legitimate sites to this site are welcomed.

        2. All rights of texts, photographs and video materials noted with “Hongyan website”, are reserved. Without the permission with written authorization, reprint, repost, and copy in other ways are prohibited by any other mediums, websites or individuals. “Source: Chongqing Hongyan Alliance Culture Development Management Center” should be noted by authorized mediums and websites for downloads.

        3. Reprints of all texts or photos marked with “source from others” of this site are only for more information, not the site’s endorsements. Any other mediums, websites or individuals should keep the original sources and bear copyright and other legal liabilities for downloads. if you have any further questions, please contact us at any time.

        4. Being lacking of man power and funds, this public welfare site is incapable to contact every author and reach contribution fee agreement. Thanks for understanding.
        If there is dispute on the above issues, the related work on this site shall be removed within 10 working days.

        5. Online messages by the netizens should comply with China’s relevant laws and regulations, and aren’t violent against internet morality. Netizens should bear all legal liability brought by their messages directly or indirectly.
        Messages of netizens are just viewpoints of their own, and not this site.
        This site has the right to manage netizens’ pseudonyms and messages, including editing, reprinting, referencing, publishing and other possible means.
        Without written permission, editing, publishing, reprinting or quoting of the messages are prohibited.

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